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How To Restore Baseboard That Is Damaged By Flooding

A flood in your home can be disastrous and expensive to fix. One of the most essential things to repair is your baseboard molding. If you baseboard is damaged by flooding, you can easily repair it. Luckily, this is a great chance to install a new product that will improve the style of your home. You might as well make the best out of a bad situation by installing a modern baseboard product.

This article will explain how to remove old, water-damaged baseboard and install a new product:

Removing the Old Baseboard

The first step is remove all of the old baseboard. First, cut away the caulk along the top and bottom edge of your molding. This task is often made easier by the water damage because it can moisten the caulk and cause it to peel away from the wall. For the next step, you simply need a hammer and a flathead screwdriver. Hammer the screwdriver behind the molding, near the nails, and pry the molding away from the wall. You might also need to scrape away any leftover caulk or adhesive from the drywall using a putty knife.

Installing the New Baseboard

Installing the new baseboard is easy if you have an air compressor, a nail gun and a chop saw. To get the most accurate cuts you can hold the molding planks directly up to the wall and then mark the back side with a pencil. This also speeds up the process because you do not need to struggle with using a measuring tape to make repeated measurements. To cut along the outer edges, where the molding meets, you need to cut 45 degree angles. This will make the design of the molding match so it look seamless.

You will usually want to attach the molding to the wall with a finish nail gun. Use small 2.5" pinner nails. These are ideal because they leave behind small holes that are hardly noticeable and can be easily filled with wood filler later.

After the molding is nailed to the wall, you want to re-caulk along the edges. This seals the molding and makes it look much cleaner. To get the straightest, cleanest caulk lines you will need a caulk gun. To get a smooth finish, you want to wipe away the excess caulk with your finger. Wear a latex glove to protect your finger. You can also use the caulk as an alternative to wood filler when it comes time to fill the holes.

You will be surprised how new baseboard can freshen up the style of any room. To learn more, contact a company like Central Flood Management Inc.