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Taking Action When Rain Floods Your Business's Basement

Property damage is a business owner's biggest nightmare, and flood damage may be the worst of them all. One of the main causes of flooding is rain; this can happen whether there is a torrential downpour or consistent light rain. If your business is flooded, it is important to act quickly. However, you need to make sure you take the right actions. Below you will find some tips and guidance on what to do when rain floods the basement of your business.

What Not To Do: Avoid These Hazards

  • Do not use electrical lighting in your basement. Using electric appliances after a flood is a life-threatening hazard. Use battery-operated lighting until your commercial property is inspected and declared safe.

  • Do not enter any areas with structural damage. If you notice any areas that look structurally damaged, avoid them at all costs. For example, a wooden beam or platform may appear waterlogged. Touching it or stepping on it could be dangerous or fatal.

  • Do not try to remove water with a normal vacuum. This may sound a bit silly, but some people try to remove water with a household vacuum. After all, it is natural to take quick action when you are trying to save your property. However, using a normal vacuum to remove water is extremely dangerous. If you have a wet/dry vacuum on hand, you may safely use it.

Determine The Expenses: Call Your Insurance Company

Filing a claim with your insurance company is crucial, and you should do it as soon as possible. Call or leave a message with your insurance agent. Provide your policy number and your personal and business phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You want to be easily accessible in case your insurance company has questions about the flood.

Take pictures of everything related to flood damage. Some examples include damaged business inventory, flooring, furniture, and so on. Your insurance company needs as much information as possible to assist you, and you want to get a fair amount of reimbursement. This will also help support your Proof Of Loss form that you use to request money from your insurance company.

Getting Rid Of The Rainwater: Get Professional Help

As mentioned above, using a wet/dry vacuum can help get rid of some of the rainwater. However, investing in water damage restoration services will ensure that every bit of water is eliminated. These companies can:

  • use professional equipment to get rid of the water

  • use structural drying techniques to preserve your property

  • sanitize and deodorize your property once the water is removed

To get the best results, call a water removal company like Accutech Restoration as soon as possible. They often provide emergency services, so you can get your property taken care of as quickly as possible.