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A Burst Pipe Needs Emergency Plumbing Services

A burst water pipe is a significant plumbing emergency. If it happens when you're home, you can shut off the water at the main valve to your home to at least stop the water. If you don't know where the valve is or if it's stuck, you'll want to call an emergency plumber right away. It doesn't take long for enough water to flow into your home to cause a lot of damage. Here's a look at what causes a pipe to burst and how it is repaired.

Why Pipes Suddenly Burst

The pipe has probably been going bad for a long time and you just never noticed. When pipes are under the ground or hidden behind a wall, you have no idea what's going on with them. It might have had a slow leak for weeks or months. Pipes go bad due to age. Eventually, they wear out. Pipes made of cast iron and steel corrode over time and develop weak areas. The pressure from the water in the lines can be enough to cause the pipe to rupture. If your plumbing doesn't have a pressure regulator valve, the pressure can change and become high enough to do some damage.

When the pipe starts leaking, the force of the water is often enough to cause the damaged area to suddenly rupture. This is a bad scenario because water flows into your home until the main valve is shut off. If you're away, your home could be flooded.

How A Burst Pipe Is Repaired

Repairing a burst pipe could entail replacing the entire pipe. This is often necessary when the pipe is old and corroded. It's at a high risk of rupturing in another place so it's better to replace the pipe. When the damage is caused by old age, there's a good chance the rest of the pipes in your home are in the same bad shape. You may need to schedule a time to have all the pipes replaced to prevent another catastrophe.

If the pipe is in good shape but burst for another reason such as a loose fitting, freezing, or an old repair that didn't hold, then it may be possible to cut out the damaged area and put in a new section of pipe. That might require tearing out part of the drywall or digging up your yard. The plumber has to assess the condition of the pipe and the location of the damage to determine the best way to repair the damage.

When you have a plumbing emergency that leaves your floor and wall soaked, you'll want to get your house dried out as quickly as possible too. The longer the water sits on your floor, the more damage it does and the greater the risk of mold. If a lot of water escaped into your home, you may need to hire a damage restoration company as well as an emergency plumber to repair all the problems caused by the broken pipe. For more information, contact a company like Vines Plumbing & Water Restoration.