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Three Signs Of Foundation Damage

Your home's foundation is literally the basis for the entire structure. Any sort of foundation damage can quickly cause significant amounts of damage and complications for the rest of your building. Understanding some of the most common signs of foundation damage can help make it easier for you to diagnose when you have foundation damage so that you can contact a contractor to repair the damage before it becomes even more pronounced and complicated to fix.

Uneven Window and Door Frames

One of the first and easiest to notice signs that there may be an issue with your home's foundation is if you notice that the frames around your windows and doors have shifted and become uneven. This may be hard to spot visually, but you'll notice that you may have trouble opening and closing your doors properly. If this is the case with a single window or door, the issue likely lies with the individual frame becoming damaged due to environmental factors. But if multiple frames are suffering from similar problems, you may want to schedule a foundation inspection with a foundation repair service.

Moisture in the Basement

Another clear sign that your foundation may have cracked is if you notice excessive amounts of moisture in your basement. While a certain amount of ambient humidity may be normal for your basement depending on the climate that you live in, any sort of standing water, signs of water damage, or other indications of a leak can be because of your foundation.  A crack in the foundation itself can allow water to drain from the surrounding soil, where it can cause all sorts of damage to the interior of your home – not to mention, also act as a pathway for pests and insects to crawl through. Keep in mind that an uptick in the number of bugs in your basement likely points to the same problem.

Cracked Walls

The most serious indication of a foundation issue is if you spot any sort of cracking along your walls, especially in corners and along the point of the wall where it meets the ceiling. This points to a severe shift in the soil around your foundation, meaning that your entire property has begun to tilt or that the foundation has cracked, meaning that sections of your home are tilting away from each other. In either case, you will have to have a professional come in to patch up the crack and to determine the best course of action to restore your foundation.